III. Biology (Linea Nigra)

This year I was reunited over long distance with my biological mother. After 45 years of no contact at all with any birth relatives, no knowledge of their whereabouts or identities, I was able to return from the left-for-dead (tactfully, not on Easter weekend). It has always seemed important to me, since before there was… Continue reading III. Biology (Linea Nigra)

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I Am Somewhere

For most of my life, I have been someone who was for the most part visibly, identifiably mixed race black, but lacking any other evidence of my ethnicity — biological relatives, genealogy, language, cultural items or history — beyond an adoption file that listed me as “Negroid.” I had no roots. I knew that my… Continue reading I Am Somewhere

II. Sociology (Negroid)

This is my order, redacted. Me in a page, outlines obscured. I have written before about being inside white culture, and outside black, as a young transracial adoptee. About feelings of isolation leading to a suicidally depressed period. About seeing myself identified on generalized adoption records as “Negroid.” I’ve written about the joy I feel… Continue reading II. Sociology (Negroid)