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1999+20: Kalimba Canon

Two alto kalimbas play identical melodic loops, with the second kalimba echoing several beats behind the first, to create a composite musical line. Minimalism in miniature.

Composed January 1999
Recorded September 2004, in an empty bathtub

Photo: my kalimba, 2012

Music and composers’s notes copyright Bruce A. Russell 2019

By elmahboob

Bruce A. Russell, aka Ibrahim El Mahboob, is a composer and self-taught pianist. He studied composition with James Tenney and Phillip Werren at York University, as well as ethnomusicology. He has composed music for the Madawaska String Quartet, McMaster Dancers and Modern Times Stage Company. He was host of Radio Music Gallery, and has written for Musicworks. His interests are in contemporary concert music, especially postminimalism; music of the African diaspora; and the intersections of technology, media, popular culture and critical race theory. He lives in Toronto.

2 replies on “1999+20: Kalimba Canon”

Hi – I recently sent you an email about purchasing the music for your piece, Kalimba Canon. I would love to program it on my upcoming recital! Please let me know if the music is for sale, thanks!

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