Some printed scores are available for sale upon request

76, for piano (2019) 2′

Companion, for two pianos (2019) 12′ (audio temporarily disabled)

23, for piano (2016) 4′

Linea Nigra, for string octet (2015) 9′ (audio temporarily disabled)

Children’s Suite, nine pieces for piano (2007-2014) 30′

Anni, for piano (2012) 9′

Sleepsong, for piano (2006) 12′

aix, for two pianos (2004) 3′

Madra, for string quartet (1999) 11′

Kalimba Canon, for two alto kalimbas (1999) 3′

WhISH, interdisciplinary score for sequencer and voices (1997) 30′

limina, for two pianos and percussion (1996) 5′ (audio temporarily disabled)

Coupling, interdisciplinary score for tape and electronics (1996) 20′

Uhuru, for four voices (1994) 4′

Exoplanet, for sequencer (1994) 4′

Birthday Music, for sequencer in just intonation (1993) 7′

Quarter-Tone Study, for two pianos and SATB voices (1990) 2′

The Longing, for piano, tape loops and electronics (1987) 7′

2 replies on “Compositions”

Hello – I’m interested in buying your scores for solo piano but can’t find a way to contact you. Please reach back out to me when you have the time so I can buy these scores. Thanks very much. – Adam Marks

Hi Adam – thanks very much for your interest! Please email me at brucearussell at gmail dot com (hope that’s clear, trying to avoid bots) and I’d be happy to learn about which pieces you’re interested in. Bruce

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