World Premiere: Dream of a Blue Elf

On Saturday, February 19, 2022, pianist Stephen Clarke of the Array Ensemble will present the world premiere of my solo piano work Dream of a Blue Elf (2007), as part of the prerecorded and livestreamed program “Premieres.” Event details and a link to purchase a ticket (CAD$25 or pay what you want) can be found… Continue reading World Premiere: Dream of a Blue Elf


Companion (2019) was composed through late 2018 and early 2019, while the first pencil sketches date to 2011. It is dedicated to my two youngest children. All of the material derives from seven-note rows: orderings of the pitches of the diatonic scale. The harmony resembles traditional tonality heard through a pandiatonic filter. There are four… Continue reading Companion

we have lived before at Ottawa Chamberfest

Fresh from giving the world premiere of we have lived before at Toronto Summer Music, Gryphon Trio performs my new work twice at Ottawa Chamberfest, on Wednesday, July 28 (7 pm, virtual only, in-person sold out) and Thursday July 29 (2 pm, limited in-person still available). I’ll be there to introduce the piece and tell… Continue reading we have lived before at Ottawa Chamberfest

we have lived before – Gryphon Trio Premiere

On Friday, July 16, 2021, Gryphon Trio will premiere my three-movement work for piano trio we have lived before (2021), as part of Toronto Summer Music. The virtual concert is free as is the entire festival. The title of this work is taken from an Earthseed verse in Octavia E. Butler’s novel Parable of the… Continue reading we have lived before – Gryphon Trio Premiere

Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern (2003) is the closest thing to garden variety minimal music that I’ve written. It’s somewhat less a composition than an active meditation ritual. The steady, two-against-three rhythm established in the opening measures remains the same for the entire duration of about ten minutes. The right hand remains fixed on a droning, pendulum-like figure… Continue reading Holding Pattern

For Celine

For Celine (1995) was composed on the occasion of the birth of my brother’s first child, for whom the piece was named. It’s special in another way as well. It’s probably the first composition that is consistent with the general body of my work, though not necessarily an Opus 1. My focus as a musician… Continue reading For Celine